About Us

We are John & Brenda, we are both retired and live on a Farm in the Shropshire Hills.

 We have developed a range of Craft Trays and are developing other Products that 'Crafters' will find useful. 

  All Exclusive designs, all Hand-Made.....  


Trays - hand-made by John & Brenda at their Shropshire Workshop

115BlossomMix Blue

prem55 butterflies

A Great Combination.

Curve Tray &  Lap Tray (Cushioned & Padded)

 a great combination ... curve and lap tray

   The Dilly Pads & Dilly Dots - Idea for arranging your Craft Items

dilly pads and dots  


All our Trays have been designed and developed to add to your Crafting experience.

 The Main Body Construction and the Rim of the trays & all the materials used are unique combinations exclusive to Silaba Crafts.

There are similar 'foreign imports' on the market but 'Silaba Crafts' Trays are clearly marked on the packaging & on the base cover.

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